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What is Educational Talent Search?

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The mission of Educational Talent Search (ETS) is to prepare academically qualified limited income, first generation* New Hampshire youth to complete secondary school and enroll in and complete a program of postsecondary education. By providing academic advising, career, college, financial literacy and financial aid information, ETS increases educational opportunities for these youth.

*first generation = neither parent has graduated from a 4-year college

Primary Services


  • Career
  • Academic: Secondary & Post Secondary
  • College
  • Financial Aid
  • Financial Literacy

Academic Preparation

  • Study Skills Development
  • Test-taking Strategies
  • Course & Grade Monitoring

Postsecondary Placement

  • College Admissions Advising
  • Financial Aid Application Assistance
  • Campus Visits

Career Exploration

  • Career Inventories
  • Job Site Tours


The New Governor's Scholarship

for post secondary education!

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Exam Dates

SAT Exam Dates:
October 7, 2017
November 4, 2017

December 2, 2017

ACT Exam Dates:
September 9, 2017
October 28, 2017

December 9, 2017