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Image of ETS staff on stairs leading to office entrance
ETS Staff (L to R): Liz Werth, Steve McGrath, Debbie McCann,
Katie Morrison, Tod Hall, June Hampe, Kate Guyotte, Melissa Goyait


ETS Quick Facts

  • Over 1,200 students in 19 high schools and 11 middle schools are enrolled in the NH ETS program.
  • ETS serves qualified individuals ages 11 to 27, providing advising and referral related to academic progress, career planning, postsecondary enrollment, and student financial assistance.
  • Over 86% of college-ready students enrolled in postsecondary education programs last year.
  • ETS, located at the University of New Hampshire, has been 100% funded by the US Department of Education since 1969.


Staff and Schools Served

ETS Staff

Schools Served1

Debora McCann
Farmington HS and Henry Wilson Memorial Middle (Farmington)
Melissa Goyait
Associate Director
Concord HS, Rochester Middle
Steve McGrath
Lead Academic Advisor

Claremont Middle, Indian River Middle (Canaan), Mascoma Regional HS (Enfield), Newport HS, Stevens HS (Claremont), Fall Mountain HS (Langdon)

Kate Guyotte, 
Academic Advisor
Belmont HS, Belmont Middle, Laconia HS, Laconia Middle, Newfound Memorial HS (Bristol), Newfound Middle
Tod Hall
Academic Advisor
Berlin HS, Colebrook HS, Daisy Bronson Middle (Littleton), Littleton HS, White Mountains Regional HS (Whitefield)
June Hampe
Academic Advisor
Manchester Central HS, Manchester Memorial HS, Manchester West HS
Katie Morrison, 
Academic Advisor

Spaulding HS (Rochester), Dover HS, Somersworth HS, Manchester Southside Middle, Dover Middle, Somersworth Middle

Liz Werth
Program Coordinator


1What if my school is not an ETS School?
Unfortunately ETS is not funded to serve all schools in NH. If your school is not one of the ETS Schools, your guidance office can provide you with many opportunities and learning experiences that can help you prepare for college. Contact your guidance office for more information. In the meantime, if you want to know how to get started with your college dreams click here.