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Deadlines vary:

Due in August 2020
Dear Class of 2020 Scholarship Fund

Due in September, 2020

Equitable Exellence Scholarship

Due in October, 2020

Horatio Alger Scholarship

Due in November, 2020

Elks National Foundation: Most Valuable Student Scholarship

Due in December, 2020

AXA Achievement Scholarship

Science Ambassador Scholarship

Due in January, 2020

Point Foundation (LGBTQ scholarship program)

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship

Red Sox Scholarship (NH)

Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

Elks Legacy Award * Children or grandchildren of dues-paying Elks only


Due in January 2020

Jan. 1-  MIT Think Scholarship

Jan. 1 - Assumption College "Light the Way" Scholarship

Jan. 7 - GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship

Jan. 10 - National 4-Year Army ROTC College Scholarship

Jan. 15 - MENSA Foundation
Jan. 15 - Multiple Sclerosis Society Scholarship

*For student or their parent who have MS

Jan. 17 - Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

Jan 18 - Faith Hope and Love Scholarship
Jan. 29 -Red Sox Scholarship (NH)
Jan. 30- by noon - Elks Legacy Award
                 * Children or grandchildren of dues-paying Elks only


Horatio Alger Scholarship - start in August & finish in October!


Information on scholarship scams