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Deadlines vary:


January 2018

                *Open to students in grades 9 - 12
Jan. 30- by noon - Elks Legacy Award

                 * Children or grandchildren of dues-paying Elks only

Jan. 29 - Point Foundation (LGBTQ Scholarship Program)

Jan 31 - League of NH Craftsmen

Due in February, 2018:
Bezos Scholars Program *For Juniors Only, a Leadership Development Program
Due in March, 2018:
2016 Hamilton Award *Juniors only
Northeast Credit Union Scholarship *To apply to any Northeast Credit Union Scholarship you must be a 1 year member of Credit Union

Due in April, 2018:
Anthony W. Romano & Vernon C. Kelley Memorial Scholarships *Must have been subsidized by a NH housing authority for a 12 month period prior to applying.
NE Inst. of Technology Scholarship
Holy Rosary Credit Union Scholarship *Must be a member of Holy Rosary for at least 6 months
NH Charitable Foundation *Many scholarships awarded through this site. 4 year degree program only.
ASCE NH High School Scholarships *for students in pursuit of an Engineering degree

Due in May, 2018:

May 1- Student Sage Award

NH Coalition to End Homelessness* Student must have been homeless at some time during high school 
NE Counselors of Color Bridging Access to College *For Eligible Students of Color enrolling in a NECBAC member institution
YDI Scholarship *16 years or older, enrolled in US high school, college, university
2015 I'm First in My Family to Attend College Scholarship *Must attend CSO College Partner Institution (see website)

Due in June, 2018:

June 1 - Fraser Institute Essay Scholarship

NH Charitable Foundation *Graduated students ages 17-23 who attend two year or short term program.
Big Sun Scholarship    *For student athletes
Due in July, 2018:

Due in August, 2018:


Horatio Alger Scholarship - start in August & finish in October!


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